Processes and sensors modeling

Service company founded in 2005, Iris Consulting performs computer simulations for research centres devoted to analytical chemistry, biotechnologies and microtechnologies. Coming from fluid mechanics and electrochemistry, it has developed a transversal expertise around chemistry modeling in fluidics and microfluidics, including the coupling with electric, magnetic and thermal fields. Applications range from chemical engineering to biosensors and bio-analytical platforms (microsystems, MEMS, bioassays...). The services varies from physical analysis to optimization calculations. Specific models can be developed as needed (using, for over twenty years, the multiphysics finite element software Flux-Expert ™).

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Studies that fit your need

* Theoretical studies (détermination of the governing phenomena).
* Feasability studies (preliminary studies in // with experiments).
* Parametric studies (scaling, optimisation).

simulation Industrial references

* Fluid mixing in microsystèmes for Degussa (Germany)
* Aluminium electrolysis for Rio Tinto Alcan (France)
* Probe simulation for Boschung Mecatronics (Switzzerland)
* Ccathodic protection of hot water boilers for EDF (France)
* Underwater communication for TFE Electronics (France)
* Electrodeposition pour Framatome Connectors (...)


simulation bolier . simulation numerique electrolyse

simulaion numerique mixing ..simulation numerique pinch injection

simulation electrochimie
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